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Biological Systems from a Network Perspective
Titre Biological Systems from a Network Perspective
Édition Première édition
Directeurs éditoriaux Timoteo Carletti, Roland Cazalis, Ron Cottam
Langue anglais
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Date de première publication du titre 20 novembre 2019
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Date de publication 20 novembre 2019
Publication Namur, Belgique
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Date de publication 20 novembre 2019
Publication Namur, Belgique
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This collection of essays offers an analysis of issues that biological systems raise from a network perspective. It brings together scholars from biology, neuroscience, process philosophy, computer science and mathematics to explore this theme. As a whole, the contributors highlight the depth of the nexial dimension of biological systems, from the molecular to the organic scales, as well as the social and cultural levels. The flexibility of these systems enables them to reuse modules in order to generate new skills that will characterize a given species. One type of network has become the source of inspiration for the development of deep learning. This result opens the prospect that other types of biological systems may inspire innovations in artificial intelligence. Here, the purpose of common good could lead the path to some sort of enlightened conciliation and Solomonic wisdom that would help buttress and foster these future developments.


  1. The Informational Guidance of Transcriptional Networks: From Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes - Irene Retuerta, Jorge Navarro, Pedro C. Marijuán, and Raquel del Moral

  2. Mycorrhizas: Plant-Fungus Mutualistic Symbioses,Fundamental for Plant Nutrition and Defense, and for Ecosystem Performance, as Viewed from a Network Perspective - José-Miguel Barea and Concepción Azcón- Aguilar

  3. Cultural Neural Reuse, Re-deployed Brain Networks, and Homologous Cultural Patterns of Compassion - Margaret Boone Rappaport and Christopher Corbally

  4. System and Network as Foundational Metaphors for a New Philosophical Cosmology - Joseph A. Bracken, S.J

  5. Biological Networks from the Relational Biology Perspective - Nathanaël Laurent

  6. The Tokenization of Everything through the Peaq Protocol - Norbert Gehrke and Max Thakeb

  7. What Can Qualia Networks Do for Deep Neural Networks? - Roland Cazalis